This site exists for one purpose and with one goal in mind. Finding Forrest Fenn’s hidden treasure chest!

As of this writing the chest has been hidden for approximately 8 years. Though a few hundred thousand have searched nobody has found it because nobody has deciphered Fenn’s poem well enough to do so. More sharing of information may be required to do so. If one person is able to find the chest alone then why has it not been done yet?

The idea is to have a secure forum for the private sharing of knowledge within a team concept. The goal is to find the chest by any means necessary and if that means splitting the proceeds among a few team members then so be it.

How we split the proceeds and how we work on an agreement will be voted on by the team. We have plenty of options. The goal is first and foremost to find the chest. Lets get this done!

PleaseĀ Register if you are interested. Note that registration is not a guarantee of being able to join. There will be a limited number of members to start, and all applicants will be screened for approval.

Thanks for considering, and good luck to you all!